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May 2, 2012

Gather the Broken

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Gather the Broken

A lovely blog for each day of counting the Omer. By Amichai Lau Lavie, of StorahTelling fame.

May Day

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Today was May Day. I went into the office, came home, and read about other people protesting the current social order. I hate to admit it, but I was scared to call in sick, scared to join the people in the streets, scared to break out of my status quo today. I recognize that it is a vitally important thing to be out on the streets with others who care about creating a more equitable and just society. I recognize that there is racism, classism, sexism, and abuse of power that needs protesting, that there is shit that needs occupying. But I am scared of getting arrested. I am scared of ending up in jail, or getting screamed at or beaten by the police. I am scared of getting fired, or of what impact an arrest record might have on my future career. It is hard, knowing what the life-affirming choice is, and then not making that choice. And it is something that I am going to have to think and pray about. A lot.

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