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May 23, 2012

Wholeness, Perfection, and American Consumption

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The six months leading up to my acceptance into rabbinical school were not easy for me. During a particularly difficult work situation, I broke down crying in my parents’ car on the way home from the train station, briefly considered quitting my job and moving home, then found myself a therapist instead. I was, during this time, plagued with anxiety that I was failing at everything: my job, my dating life, my quest toward rabbinical school, everything. And in the past year, I have not learned to “be healthy,” per se. Rather, I have learned that it is okay, normal, and natural to be flawed, and that I can still be loved and accepted as I am, even broken and damaged.


This Wall is Mine Too

This Wall is Mine Too

I have lots of other ideas percolating that I will get around to sharing, I promise. In the meantime, this is an important story about the dangers of state control of religion, and of religious hegemony. The kotel is a holy site for ALL Jews, not just the ones with regressive ideas about women’s ability to control their religious expression. And it is deeply troubling to me that this particular interpretation has consistent police backing.

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