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June 29, 2012


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I absolutely love this article from the Jewish Week. We are living in the age of the righteous gentile. This is a good thing. Now let me explain what I mean by that…


June 28, 2012

In Which I Look for Work

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Finding jobs is hard. That is all. (more profound thoughts some other time!)

June 20, 2012

Homeless Queer Youth

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Homeless Queer Youth

This article is old, but the problem of homeless youth in New York is not new, and is only getting worse. There are far fewer shelter beds than people who need them, which leads to children sleeping on the streets. While I’m afraid that I didn’t post this in a time sensitive fashion, it is still vitally important that we as a community see the faces and hear the stories of this country’s most vulnerable citizens.

God in the Details: In Which I Encounter Quantum Physics

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Two weeks ago, the incomparable Mr. M and I went to a lecture/ theatrical presentation about the development of quantum physics. As a humanities nerd, the idea of quantum physics (namely, that at the subatomic level, things exist as both particles and waves, and that everything at the subatomic level basically exists on a spectrum of probability rather than having definite, permanent qualities) hurts my brain. But while I do not understand the math involved, the general principle that, at the micro-micro-cosmic level, the universe is waaaaay weirder than anyone could have imagined is endlessly appealing to me.


June 15, 2012

The Madness Descends…

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Yesterday, I picked my classes for next year. So far it’s Biblical Civilizations, Biblical Text, Leshon HAZAL (an introduction to Jewish Learning/ Aramaic class of sorts), Education, Reconstructionism, a Hebrew class (yet to be determined), and Hazzanut (guys! I’m learning Torah trope!). All I have to say is, thank God for the Double Degree Program. It has prepared me well.

Today, I had a 20 minute mostly in Hebrew conversation with one of RRC’s Hebrew instructors for the purpose of Hebrew placement. I spent the whole time vacillating back and forth between “wow I know more Hebrew than I thought” and “waaah Hebrew is hard.” On the plus side, she told me about how and when I would learn about the results of the exam and I understood her! I can gain meaningful and useful information from Hebrew conversations! I just wish I had understood more of the text she sent me to translate.

The RRC staff is being really sweet and accommodating and helpful and asking if I have any questions. I definitely made the right choice.

I am officially on my way.

June 6, 2012

Thoughts On Patrilineal Descent: How to be a Rabbi When Your Mother Isn’t Jewish

I’m facing this very interesting situation upon graduation(Who’s a planner? I’m a planner!). Once I have my smicha, I’m going to be a rabbi that about half of the American Jewish community doesn’t consider Jewish. Certainly I’m not the first person in this situation, but it is going to be an interesting dilemma some day.


June 3, 2012

Good Things

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In the last few days I:

  • Gave notice at work. I’m leaving July 13! Yay!
  • Had an absolutely AMAZING series of blues and tango dances. Sometime I have to blog about the intersection of religion and bluesing…
  • Went to a delicious potluck in Brooklyn. Ate really good pie, and talked with awesome people about the politics of communal living and nonviolent communication techniques.
  • Bought two really nifty graphic novels.
  • Saw Alan Alda at a quantum physics lecture, followed by Big Gay Ice Cream.

In short, nothing but good things right now. Also, I will miss New York dreadfully when I go…

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