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June 15, 2012

The Madness Descends…

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Yesterday, I picked my classes for next year. So far it’s Biblical Civilizations, Biblical Text, Leshon HAZAL (an introduction to Jewish Learning/ Aramaic class of sorts), Education, Reconstructionism, a Hebrew class (yet to be determined), and Hazzanut (guys! I’m learning Torah trope!). All I have to say is, thank God for the Double Degree Program. It has prepared me well.

Today, I had a 20 minute mostly in Hebrew conversation with one of RRC’s Hebrew instructors for the purpose of Hebrew placement. I spent the whole time vacillating back and forth between “wow I know more Hebrew than I thought” and “waaah Hebrew is hard.” On the plus side, she told me about how and when I would learn about the results of the exam and I understood her! I can gain meaningful and useful information from Hebrew conversations! I just wish I had understood more of the text she sent me to translate.

The RRC staff is being really sweet and accommodating and helpful and asking if I have any questions. I definitely made the right choice.

I am officially on my way.

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