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July 29, 2012

D’var Torah: Parshat D’varim

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I delivered this d’var Torah at Kol Zimrah on Friday. It’s a little different from what I actually said, but that’s to be expected. Enjoy!


July 23, 2012

Leaving New York

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I’m taking a break from packing to write this; I’ll be moving out on Wednesday.

It all hasn’t quite sunk in yet; that I’m moving house, that I’m starting school in a month. I’ve lived in New York for six years, all of my adult life. And while I’m intimately familiar with Philadelphia, I’ll be experiencing it now as an independent adult with bills and car payments and job(s).

Mostly, I’ve been walking around New York, trying to drink in everything the city has to offer. Museums, tasty food, and other touristy stuff. But what I think I’ll miss most about the city are the streets. The beauty of New York is a sense of infinite possibility; that everything can (and does) happen here. Last night, while trying (and failing) to get tickets to see Into the Woods (I’m going back again tonight), I fangirled out with a group of Sondheim aficionados. Earlier yesterday, I sat with two of my friends and discussed the benefits and drawbacks of polyamory versus monogamy, and the unique thrill of moving city for a romantic prospect. A few days before that, a group of ten-year-olds in my neighborhood tried to convince me to let them into my apartment. And a few days before that, I had a long conversation with a Modern Orthodox Jew from Britain about how obnoxiously pushy American Jews are about playing the matchmaking game. The random conversations that you have here, in bars, on the subway, waiting in line at an event, it truly runs the gamut of human experience.

This city opens your eyes, if you let it. It leaves you shocked by nothing, hopefully without diminishing your sense of wonder. There are many things that I will not miss about New York (the smell, the cramped apartments, the ever-escalating neuroses of most residents) but I will always look fondly on the fascinating kaleidoscope that are the residents of this city.

July 16, 2012


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Friday was my last day at the office. I now get a month and a half to do what I haven’t done since the summer of my freshman year of college: be lazy and do nothing. While this is not an entirely accurate representation of what I’ll be doing until September (I have 2 services to prep, guitar lessons to start, a house to move into, and a bunch of curricula to write) it will be less structure than I have had in a loooooong time. And I am really excited about that.

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