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September 13, 2012

Biblical Civilization: Class 2

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We are required to write short journals about our experiences in, and reactions to, our Biblical Civilization Class. I decided that I wanted to blog them.

In our second class, we talked about the distinction between history and historicity. Historicity being the study of the nature of history, and how history is composed, transmitted, and viewed at different points. One could theoretically say that the Bible is a history (at least it is used as one today), but it’s not terribly verifiable when compared to the archaeological record, etc. That does not, however, mean that the Bible does not have important truths. I am always looking for language to express the distinction between TRUE and ACCURATE, and I love the way that history vs. historicity frames it. It allows us to acknowledge that ALL history is operating under some sort of bias, and it allows us to examine those biases and other agendas without chucking the whole thing out.

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