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February 8, 2013

The Bible is a Real, True Myth

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Whenever I try to explain to people the difference between Truth and Fact when it comes to Bible, I will send them here. In my world, Abraham and Moses and Hagar and Miriam are as real to me as my family, even though I recognize that they never truly existed. Their stories and personalities speak to me, and they teach me how to live my life. The multiplicity of those stories, and how they were interpreted by my predecessors in every age, teach me more about the history of my people and how I came to be here than any volume of history ever could. Because we love our ancestors, with a fierce and abiding love, and it is love that gives a window and an insight into the soul.

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  1. I like this a lot. I think I would put practice on the other side of the ledger than she does, though. (She says, “To be Jewish is to identify with Jewish myths and stories, far more than it is about statements of belief or practice. To identify with the exodus from Egypt, to be able to say that we were slaves in Egypt, that God gave us the Torah on Mount Sinai, these are some of our holiest stories.”)

    Identifying, engaging, and living with the stories doesn’t mean belief in their literal truth. But the various practices and rituals we’ve built around the stories ARE important, they are in fact a large part of the way we engage with the stories and keep them alive. It’s not just the story of Exodus, it’s reliving the story through pesach and the seder and sukkot. There are also other aspects of Jewish practice not as directly tied to the stories (eg marriage rituals) that still serve to tie us to our heritage.

    Comment by Dan — February 11, 2013 @ 4:37 pm

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