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April 7, 2014

Maybe this is what it Feels Like to be a Rabbi

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I had a remarkably good weekend at work. Some highlights:

  • Chatting about the current and recent past goings on at my alma matter with a Hebrew School teacher who is a current student there while observing a pretty intense game of Gaga.
  • Two words: Chocolate. Seder.
  • Playing Mishneh Impossible with the Hebrew High Schoolers and helping them frantically research answers to questions about Passover laws, customs, and rituals for fabulous prizes.
  • A handshake from an elderly dementia patient I have been visiting when I do my pastoral visits. Usually, he is completely non-responsive and today, we connected a little bit.
  • Watching two truly awesome young ladies that I have had the privilege of working with on their Haftorah speeches become Bat Mitzvah.
  • Hiding briefly under the table with a group of three year old girls at the dinner after family Shabbat. As they said “You can come to our party; it’s just for GIRLS.” Indeed tiny ladies, indeed.
  • Encouraging the father of one of our members to come to my adult Torah study class the next weekend that he is in town. He seemed really enthusiastic!

For the first time since I arrived at my student pulpit, I have felt a part of every aspect of this community. I recognize faces, I know stories, and I feel comfortable going up to every person, introducing myself, or asking them about things I know from the last time we spoke. It feels easy and natural, like I belong here. I know that this job is not all fun and games and beautiful moments of swelling joy and pride in my community. But when that joy and pride is there, it is the best job in the world.

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